Family & Business Directions

Helping business owners and their families successfully navigate "family wealth" transitions

Our work experience has afforded us the opportunity to witness first hand the joy of properly navigated "family wealth" transitions; as well as the devastating effect of poor planning. There are two models for navigating these transitions:

"Take away my factories, my plants,
Take away my railroads, my ships,
My transportation;
Take away my money,
Strip me of all these,
But leave me my men
And in two or three years,
I will have them all again"

Andrew Carnegie

There are two models for navigating family wealth transitions

The Traditional Model:

T x H = R

The Traditional Model represents a Professional Advisor bringing Technical (T) skills and advice to the Business Owner/Human (H), to produce Results (R). The Advisor is looking for the opportunity to serve the Business Owner/Entrepreneur, and often this achieves admirable results. Perhaps just as frequently, the Technical advisors and Business Owners are confronted with stakeholders who appear alienated by the process and derail otherwise sound technical advice.

Our Approach:

H x T = Rx

Our approach is to identify the stakeholders in the family business system to be included in the formal Clarity Process. This Model puts the business owner and Stakeholders first (H) then adds the Technical Advice of a group of Advisors (T), which creates higher success in Results (R).

The Clarity Process

Helping business owners and their families successfully navigate "family wealth" transitions

The Clarity Process is a valuable tool that provides an integrated summary of what matters most to you, the destination you desire, the team you need to help reach your destination, and the resources you currently have for realizing your goals.

What do we mean by "Clarity"? If we are to meaningfully serve you, we need to know about both your financial, as well as non-financial assets; that is, your life story and lessons learned.

Helpful tools have been designed to provide you with insights and perspective. Perspective enables you to plan with confidence and enjoyment.

What Does "Family Wealth" Mean To You?

Many professionals in their career were trained on Financial Capital, and often this may be all they see. A much smaller population of individuals provide service to "Family Wealth".

Family Wealth

"Family Wealth" involves Human Capital, Social Capital, Intellectual Capital and Financial Capital. Through a careful process, and deploying helpful tools, much more can be uncovered about the Family and the Business.